Well. I’m at Cha Cha Salsasria at the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center awaiting a order of Beef Nachos for my important other.  We stop by on a semi regular basis between visits to satisfy a craving for nachos.  Great food, a combination of  Jamacian and Mexican ambiance at the restaurant. then we’re headed home.

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Web 2.0 as a user…

July 1, 2006

I spent the morning trying out the digg.com "blog it" process.  I was able to setup the connection easily enough, and sent two digg stories to my blog.  Then I checked my blog’s site and it worked.  I decided then ,to try more and I was able to add a short comment and set up categories for each entry. 

I like the interactivity of the Web 2.0 applications, and need to explore further the other parts of this emerging Web.

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